Eurodance Video Collection (1990-1998) DVD5
  Жанр: Eurodance, Pop
Продолжительность: 120 мин
Качество: DVD5
Формат: DVD Video

  Сборник клипов в стиле евродэнс - два часа удовольствия обеспечены!
50 клипов в отличном качестве.

   Треклист:01. Get Up (Technotronic)
02. No One (2 Unlimited)
03. Baby, Baby (Corona)
04. Bailando (Paradisio)
05. Beautiful Life (Ace Of Base)
06. Do What You Like (French Affair)
07. Tonight Is The Night (Le Click)
08. Twilight Zone (2 Unlimited)
09. U Got 2 Let The Music (Capella)
10. Mr. Vain (Culture Beat)
11. Where Do You Go (No Mercy)
12. Think About The Way (Ice MC)
13. Sweet Dreams (La Bouche)
14. Saturday Night (Whigfield)
15. Rock My Heart (Haddaway)
16. Llorando Por Ti (Ku Minerva)
17. In My Dreams (Darkness)
18. It's My Life (Dr. Alban)
19. All That She Wants (Ace Of Base)
20. Coco Jamboo (Mr. President)
21. Freedom (DJ Bobo)
22. Got To Get It (Culture Beat)
23. I Got To Give It Up (Masterboy)
24. Living In Cyberspace (2 Brothers On The Floor)
25. Move It To The Rhyth (Technotronic)
26. Love Is All Around (DJ Bobo)
27. Another Night (Real McCoy)
28. Get Ready For This (2 Unlimited)
29. More And More (Captain Hollywood Project)
30. Rigga Ding Dong Song (Passion Fruit)
31. Scatman (Scatman John)
32. Sexy (French Affair)
33. Try Me Out (Corona)
34. Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Nikki French)
35. Rythm Is A Dancer (Snap)
36. Let The Dream Come True (DJ Bobo)
37. Doh Wah Diddy (Fun Factory)
38. Be My Lover (La Bouche)
39. Everybody (DJ Bobo)
40. Into The Night (Ondina)
41. Rhythm Of The Night (Corona)
42. Show Me Colors (Masterboy)
43. I'm Gonna Get You (Bizarre Inc.)
44. Please Don't Go (Double You)
45. Scatman's World (Scatman John)
46. The Sign (Ace Of Base)
47. What Is Love (Haddaway)
48. Take Your Chance (Fun Factory)
49. Feel The Heat Of The Night (Masterboy)
50. Tribal Dance (2 Unlimited) 

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